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It is Canada, beautiful Lake Resort of the Okanagan shore here.
Here is one of warmest region in all of Canada. The daylight hours are approximately 2000 hours in a year. Because, water and the sun is rich, a lot of fruit is harvested, such as an apple, a cherry. The Okanagan is suitable for the cultivation of the grape, and the making of wine is prosperous as well as east Niagara district. The peace and order are good and are a livable area. It is approximately one hour by air from Seattle, US. Almost same trip from Vancouver. There is a international airport, and the direct emigration and immigration are possible to the US.

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GOLF Paradise

There are many golf courses within 30 minuites by car in this area. Rates lists the lowest price including 9 holes, twilight game. Rating expresses a difficulty.
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Wine of the fascination

Thera are so many beautiful wineries. Have visiting wineries of the fascination. You can arrive there if you put a ZIP code in GPS.
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Site Rates  Rating
  Black Mountain Golf Club  visit  $44.95-  70.4

The Club at Tower Ranch visit  $60-  74.1
13 Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club visit  $56-  71.2
12 Shadow Ridge Golf Club  visit  $32- 70.9
14 Kelowna Springs Golf Club  visit  $40-  71
11 Okanagan Golf Club –The Bear Course visit  $49-  72.3
11 Okanagan Golf Club – The Quail Course  visit  $49-  73.1
 8 Predator Ridge – The Predator Course  visit  $75-  74.2
 8 Predator Ridge The Ridge Course  visit  $75-  73.8
22 Shannon Lake Golf Club  visit  $50-  70.5
23 Two Eagles Golf Course & Academy  visit    
15 Kelowna Golf & Country Club  visit  Semi-private  69.6
18 The Harvest Golf Club  visit  $40-  72.9
19 Gallagher’s Canyon Golf & Country Club


 $59-  72.2
19 Gallagher’s Canyon – Pinnacle Course  visit  $25-  58.9
  Greg Norman Signature Course  visit    
20 Mission Creek Golf Course  visit  $20-  61
21 Michaelbrook Ranch Course    visit  $21-  63
17 McCulloch Orchards Greens  visit    

  Vernon & Area Wineries Site ZIP Code
 1 Granite Creek Winery visit

   V0E 2X3

 2  Recline Ridge Winery visit
 3 Larch Hills Winery  visit     V1E 2P8 
 4 Hunting Hawk Vineyards   visit 

   V0E 1B4

 5 The Rise  visit   
 6 Gray Monk Estate Winery  visit      V4V 2H4 
 7 Arrowleaf Cellars  visit      V4V 1K1 
   Kelowna & Area Wineries Site ZIP Code 
 8 Calona Vineyards   visit     V1Y 2K6 
 9 Rollingdale Winery   visit     V1Z 1Z5 
10  Little Straw Vineyards   visit     V1Z 2H7 
11  Mt. Boucherie Winery    visit      V1Z 1N9 
12  Quails' Gate Estate Winery  visit     V1Z 2H3 
13  Mission Hills Family Estate Winery   visit     V4T 2E4 
14  Raven Ridge Cidery   visit 
   15 House of Rose Winery   visit     V1P 1E2 
   16 Tantalus Vineyards   visit     V1W 4N6 
   17  Summerhill Pyramid Winery   visit    V1W 4M3
18  St. Hubertus Estate Winery   visit   
19  Ceder Creek Estate Winery    visit      V1W 4S5 
   20 Hainle Vineyards   visit     V0H 1X2 
  Penticton & Area Wineries Site ZIP Code
21 Greata Ranch Vineyards  visit   V0H 1X9
22 Hijas Bonitas Winery   visit   
23 Sumac Ridge Estate Winery  visit    V0H 1Z0 
24 Nichol Vineyard  visit    V0H 1N0 
25 Therapy Vineyards  visit   V0H 1N0
26 Kettle Valley Vineyards  visit    V0H 1N0 
27 Lang Vineyards  visit   
28 Van Western Vineyards   visit    V0H 1N0
29 Elephant Island Orchard Wines  visit   V0H 1N0
30 Laughing Stock Vineyards  visit    V2A 8T7 
31 Lake Breeze Winery  visit    V0H 1N0 
32 Poplar Grove Winery   visit    V2A 8S5
33 Hillside Estate Winery  visit   V2A 8T6
34 D'Angelo Estate Winery  visit   V2A 8V1
35 Red Rooster Winery  visit    V2A 8T5 
36 La Frenz Winery   visit     V2A 8T5 
37 Spiller Estate Winery  visit   
38 Township 7 Winery  visit    V2A 8T4 
39 Stonehill Estate Winery  visit   
40 Mistral Estate Winery  visit   
41 Thornhaven Estate Winery  visit    V0H 1Z7 
42 Dirty Laundry Vineyards  visit   V0H 1Z2
43 Adora Estate Winery  visit   
44 Pentage Winery  visit    V2A 8W3 
45 Blasted Church Vineyards  visit   V0H 1R5
46 See Ya Later Ranch   visit     V0H 1R0 
47 Wild Goose Vineyards  visit    V0H 1R2 
48 Stag's Hollow Winery  visit    V0H 1R2 
49 Noble Ridge Vineyards  visit    V0H 1R2 

Oliver & Area Wineries  Site ZIP Code 
50 Jackson-Triggs Estate Winery  visit   V0H 1T0 
51 Carriage House Wines  visit   
52 Silver Sage Winery  visit   
53 Black Hills Estate Winery   visit   V0H 1T0 
54 Desert Hills Estate Winery   visit   V0H 1T0 
55 Fairview Cellars   visit   V0X 1C3 
56 Tinhorn Creek Vineyards   visit  V0H 1T0
57 Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery  visit   V0H 1T0 
58 Hester Creek Estate Winery   visit   V0H 1T0 
59 Inniskillin Okanagan Vineyards   visit  V0H 1T0
60 Antelope Ridge   visit   
61 Golden Mile Cellars  visit   V0H 1T0 
62 Golden Beaver Winery   visit  V0H 1T0
63 Burrowing Owl Estate Winery   visit  V0H 1T0
64 Nk' Mip Cellars (Inkameep)  visit  V0H 1V0
65 Crowsnest Vineyards   visit  V0X 1C0
66 Forbidden Fruit Winery   visit   V0X 1C3 

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The Borgata Lodge